Scoring System

Our Mission

The apartment world is tilted in favor of owners and advertisers, but we level the playing field for renters. We scout the local market for rent deals and use proprietary grading rubrics to give renters unbiased apartment scores.

Our Difference
  • Independent research: We independently research apartment properties by surveying managers, visiting properties, and carefully reviewing websites.
  • Detailed grading rubrics: We score the details that matter to renters. For example, we grade pool and outdoor amenities on a rubric that includes more than 20 factors, while other sites simply indicate the presence of a pool.
  • Baseline for valuing rent: Our scores help renters find their fit. Is $2,400 a month a steal or a rip-off? It’s impossible to know without having an objective quality assessment.
  • Uniquely actionable: Other sites don’t provide similar information because: (i) they don’t track the details, and (ii) they rank properties based on advertising revenue.

Detailed information available at Apartment Fit compared to other apartment websites:


How It Works
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More detailed info than other apartment sites.

Evaluations from our proprietary rubrics.

Ratings based on traits that renters care about.

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I will never use another locator or real estate agent again!!! Erin is simply the BEST and I am incredibly LUCKY to have found her through a friend. After two grueling months of searching for the perfect place to live, she was able to find that for me–the very day we met! I am still shocked at the amount of hours I spent on rental websites every-single-day, frantic I might miss the perfect place. The rental market in Dallas right now is CRAZY!!  I even had a deposit down on a place as back-up, in case I couldn’t find what I really wanted. Oh, and did I mention the place she found me was UNDER BUDGET?!  This girl is such a gem. She genuinely tries her hardest to find you EXACTLY what you want! I applaud her for truly listening everything that was important to me so that she could match me to MY perfect place. So many other agents will only show you properties where they make as much commission as possible! I don’t think she made ANY commission on the place she found me!  She is sincerely THAT AWESOME! – Jaki


Finding an apartment in a new city was so easy with the help of Apartment Fit. I never would have been able to find the perfect apartment without their help. It was such a painless process and they helped me find an incredible deal!!


I cannot say enough about how wonderful  it was to work with Erin when looking for the perfect rental. I came to Erin with very specific needs and a strict budget. She made sure every box was checked when finding me the perfect place. Throughout the entire process  Erin was very prompt and professional, answered all of my questions, and worked with my schedule when viewing the properties. I have recommended her to all of my friends whether they are looking to rent or buy a home in DFW.